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Virtual Dedicated Servers

They exist: Virtual Dedicated Servers with all the advantages of dedicated servers – with dedicated CPU cores, RAM and hard drives. With these products the performance will never be throttled or shared under any circumstances – ever!

Algowid Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual Dedicated Server

Dedicated performance at the lowest price

Like no other product these VDS guarantee, alongside versatile template possibilities, above all constant performance which you would normally only get with dedicated servers, also for extremely power-hungry web applications. Let the best performance at an unbeatable price excite you.

AW-VDS Silver
Per Month
  • CPU AMD Opteron Processor
  • Dedicated CPU 2Cores
  • Dedicated RAM 8GB
  • SATA HDD 500GB
  • Dedicated IP
  • Control Panel cPanel / WHM
  • ROOT Access
  • Data Center Germany / France
  • 100 Mbit/s Network
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Days Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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Big Selection of Operating Systems

At Algowid, you will not only find your ideal server at a very reasonable price, but also the latest and most popular operating systems and apps for easy administration. Simply choose your preferred OS in your customer panel after activation.

Dedicated CPU & RAM

VDS run in a virtualized environment (just like VPS), but unlike VPS, each VDS gets a certain number of physical CPU cores permanently assigned for your exclusive use. The same is true for RAM which is also exclusively reserved for each instance and not shared with anyone.

Quick Provisioning

Virtual Dedicated Server is the quickest way to get a powerful computing instance with Contabo. You can get an instance comparable with many Dedicated Servers in the time that it takes to provision a VPS.

100% SSD Storage

VDS would not be complete without the fastest storage on the market: SSD. We use disks only from high-quality suppliers to provide cutting edge performance and high IOPS rate. Additionally, up to 2 additional disks can be added to further extend the available storage.

Hyper-threading Included

You can utilize the advantages of Hyper-threading (HT) or - to be more precise - simultaneous multithreading (SMT) with your VDS at no extra cost. That means each physical core which comes with your VDS can support 2 threads and act as 2 virtual CPUs.

Frequently Asked Queries

VDS is a virtual server that appears to the user as a dedicated server, but that is actually installed on a computer serving multiple websites. A single computer can have several VPSs, each one with its own operating system (OS) that runs the hosting software for a particular user.

You can start your hosting business and resell hosting services. You can host multiple business websites, eCommerce websites, forums, and blogs individually under one secured VPS hosting server. We recommend opting for control panels like cPanel or Plesk with VPS hosting plans as they make it easier and convenient to host and manage all these aspects through a simple user-friendly interface.

Once you sign up for the desired VPS hosting package, the setup process will be undertaken instantly by our team. You can start using your virtual server right away upon receiving the server and control panel logins.

Yes, our team will help you to move your website from your existing cheap vps hosting provider to Algowid. You can also register domain and transfer domain to Algowid.

One of the primary advantages to using a VDS, as opposed to a traditional web hosting service, is that the subscriber has full access to the VDS's OS, with unrestricted root or administrator permissions. This level of access allows subscribers to configure the VDS to meet their own unique requirements.

You can rely on our fully scalable environment for easy upgrade and downgrade. You can upgrade your complete VDS hosting account. We are completely flexible when it comes to upgrading the VDS resources. The VDS is upgraded with a few clicks. There will be no downtime, no data loss or change in IP address.